Real fitness is more
than just exercise.


As a competitive fitness model or bodybuilder, you know that your contest preparation will make you or break you.


Our Realfit competition trainers will take your comp prep to a whole new level.

We have been helping competitors to prepare for the stage for years. We not only get you looking your best, we also ensure you maintain a high level of health in the process.

There’s no success without effort. We’ll push you when you need it and we’ll be your best friend and confidant on those days when you feel you can’t go on (yes, it will happen). This is why…

You can’t do it alone!

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Choosing The Right Division for You

Bikini Competition Training

The Bikini Division is considered the starting point of the division ladder for female competitors.

To be successful in the bikini division means you need to have a well-trained, “softer” physique. This means having a well-proportioned, balanced physique that includes abdominal definition, no six-pack abs!

Women’s Fitness And Sports Model Competition Training

The fitness and sports model body should be considerably more developed than that of a bikini competitor. A 6-pack abdominal area is required to be competitive in these divisions.

Women’s Figure Competition Training

To be successful in this division, the figure competitor should have less muscular development than a bodybuilder, but more development than a fitness/sports model competitor.

Men’s Fitness Competition Training

This division is considered the entry point for male competitors. The men’s fitness division is very similar to the physical description as the female fitness competitors. To be competitive in this division you need a well-trained, hard, muscular body with a 6-pack abs.

Men’s Physique Competition Training

This division sits in between the men’s fitness division and the bodybuilding divisions. To be competitive in this division, men’s physique competitors should be more muscular than a male fitness model. The competitor should display a large, muscular and well-conditioned physique.

Bodybuilding Competition Training

To be successful in this division, bodybuilders should have a bulky physique with major muscular development.  Muscular separation and striations should be clearly visible.