Real fitness is more
than just exercise.


What sets our Realfit Trainers apart is that they understand that doing exercise is one thing, but getting results is a whole other story.

Our trainers are highly skilled in developing physical training programs to get results in the fastest timeframe possible – the 10% of getting results.

They are also highly skilled at motivating you and holding you accountable to the other 90% that will ensure your success.


We’re okay with that because our focus is getting you the results you want –nothing less.

Whether you just want to feel fit and healthy, get ready for a special day or if you are a serious fitness competitor, our trainers have got your back!

Meet Fred

Master Coach Fred Liberatore started researching the best and worst of weight loss over many years, and working with hundreds of clients as a personal trainer with over 30 years in the fitness industry. “I’m really passionate about helping my clients closing the gap in achieving weight loss and optimum health and incredible energy levels”

His philosophy has always been to train hard, no excuses and his own peak fitness is a reflection of that by winning the Nabba Masters obtaining the title of Mr. Australia. Fred has the edge over 99% of personal trainers, coaches and health experts because he understands the physical aspect of training and nutrition in the finest detail, but also combines it with the mental edge he has discovered after years of studying the world’s top peak performance experts. (Just Google him if you are not sure).

Fred’s goal at REALfit is to create a holistic approach to health, nutrition and anti-ageing.

Remember small changes make for big results keep your new habits consistent and on-going after all repetition is the mother of all skill.

Meet Danni

My health and fitness journey began when I attended my first bodybuilding show with my dad and met Lee Haney, I was 12. Reading my dad’s muscle and fitness magazines came next and then at 19 joining my first gym and I was hooked and 28 years later still training and loving it!My journey continued with competing in the figure division of the INBA.

Looking for something to complement my training I found Yoga!The connection between mind, body and spirit is very important, the unity of oneself, which drew me down my next path of completing my Yoga teacher training in 2010.

The journey never ends … And as I tell my students and clients it not about touching your toes, it about the journey of how you get there!

Heath and fitness is my passion and inspiring and coaching others to achieve their goals or improve their health and become the best versions of themselves , is the my greatest reward.

Meet Dave

Dave get’s satisfaction from creating great interpersonal connections within the gym in Est Malvern which he manages, to build a culture of community and friendship.

I have an exceptional understanding of the human body and the fitness industry. I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning coachfor many years. Now I continue to grow more passionate about the Health and Fitness industry every day.

Reaching your goals will not be easy for you, in fact it will be one of the most challenging things you’ve ever faced. But I believe in you and I have the outmost confidence we can reach your goal together.

“Progression, not perfection”Please enquire to receive a complimentary health consult! “Less talk – more training!”

Meet Ilya

From participating in Victoria’s state soccer team, competing in athletics and mixed martial arts; to qualifying in Sports Science and actively studying Physiotherapy, Ilya has devoted a large part of his life so far to health and fitness. “After achieving personal goals with my own fitness, I wanted to share my skills and knowledge through becoming a personal trainer to assist others to do the same”.

Ilya believes that as much as it is important to reach goals, it is just as important to maintain the outcome of those goals whilst understanding the science behind the body and the logic behind all exercise. With this philosophy Ilya offers a diverse range of fitness styles including;


  • Fitness training
  • Weight loss
  • Mass weight gaining
  • Nutrition advice
  • Weight maintenance
  • Tailored training programs
  • Sport related training

Living a healthy life is a happy life – when you start to discover muscles and areas of the body you haven’t felt work before you feel alive. When you start to reach goals you set yourself you feel accomplished. When you start to discover your strength, you feel empowered and I’m here to help you experience just that.

Meet Franklin

Having played various sports from a young age, the values of health and fitness were instilled in me early on. This led me to compete in International Soccer Competitions and reach high level in Thailand and ultimately to pursue a Advanced Diploma of Sports therapy .

This ignited his passion for personal training and helping others to reach their health, fitness and performance goals. Working one on one with clients helped me to learn the value of positive reinforcement by setting and reaching small goals throughout each training session. This focus on small victories has led to my clients having great success in reaching not only their physical goals but improving their overall health and wellbeing. My training philosophy now focuses on helping clients reach performance based goals, ensuring that they feel positive and motivated and can continuously see improvements. “Success is a stairway, not a doorway…”

Meet Jawid

As long as I can remember I have always been involved with sports, my passion for health and well-being is vital part of my lifestyle. I have been playing soccer for a few years and eventually that lead me to pursue high education in completing advanced diploma of sports therapy. I have been working with various sporting clubs over the years such football (Aussie rules) and soccer. I have always been helping people to perform better and at optimum level so that lead to me doing personal training and helping people achieve their goals. The Human body is designed to move I love challenging my clients to different kind of exercise programs and different movement patterns. I have a very diverse style.

  • Functional training
  • Weight loss
  • Mass gain
  • Building strength
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Sports injury rehab
  • Sport specific training
  • Pain management (rehab)
  • Corrective exercises
  • Nutrition advice

There is nothing more satisfying then helping my clients achieve their goals.




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